May 28



Here’s ‘Arry! Arrived all safe at Farringdon. Going to the pub in a bit.
Can’t stop calling him Farry, he don’t seem to mind.

Got a fair bit to catch up on. We was fair terrors when we were young!


May 14

BBC Three


Back in 2008 when BBC Three went all re-branding and suchlike there was a Be on TV slot where anyone at all could, and did, send in 15 second idents to show before the show of their choosing.

That was my first telly appearance!

I have, since around 2003, been all computer literated and suchlike posting my handsome mug up on the internet on things like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and have of course my own audio adventures and podcast (sadly deceased for a bit).

So when I saw, just the other day, some bugger called Mr Sleep advertising Travelodge with what can surely be described as “Hang on, that’s a bit bloody familiar!” I was not best pleased I can tell you.

Nothing I can do against those with money is there. Is there?
They could have asked me to do it, I’d have jumped at the chance. But nah, they see me, change enough details to make it “different” to avoid the gravity well of copyright infringement and sail on their merry way being patted on the back for coming up with such an original idea.

I’m going to the pub.