Feb 12

Kinda, Drunked and Stuffed

The benefit of living with a Doctor Who fan and podcaster is that I can secretly indulge in my own little worship of the show. I reckon my secret’s safe! Just watched Kinda, 5th Doctor story, which I actually remember from my youth. Due for release on 7th March The Mara Tales is looking mighty fine so far! The Biggest let down of the first tale, Kinda, was the rubbishy puppet snake at the end but… there’s a CGI option you can watch that is frankly flippin’ excellent. The Mara at the end looked bloody awesome! I had to have a strong cup of coffee and a ciggy to calm myself down. Brilliant!

This makes up for my night at the pub last night. As anyone who has read The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse will know, drinking for our kind is a tricky affair because, as recorded quite accurately in that book, our legs get drunk and trying to stand on your head so the booze reaches it is fraught with peril and threats of being barred. Which is what happened to me. Went to a pub in the city and it was full of suits and estate agents and iPad wielding tossbags. Trying to balance on my head at one point got me a shove which pitched me to the floor and then the swearing kicked in and I broke someone’s ankle.

Time… for a bacon sandwich while I wait for my local to open. They love me there.