Jul 19

Bearcast – Series 4 – Episode 5!

Since Jeb and Nape went missing, nothing has been heard from them until now. Elsie Bantum bought an old cassette tape in a Brighton Tat Shop to record her thoughts on biscuits but she played the tape first to make sure nothing important was on it. What she found was Episode 4.5 of the Bearcast and she threw the tape out of the window in disgust. She was promptly arrested and the tape played in court as evidence. This is the recording.

Tunes appeared in this episode from

FM Pilots – We Belong


Black Circles – Escape

Both bands failed to appear in court. Because they didn’t know anything about the trial of poor old Elsie. She’s banged up now. It was looking like she was going to get off with a caution but her views on jammy dodgers were just pure mental and she called the judge a pillock.