5813218282_265a13a90a_b‘ello! I’m Jeb. I trip up suits and help pigeons cross the road. I drink beer, eat pies and love my mum. If only I knew where she was.
I do podcasting! That’s all right. I do other voice stuff too. I avoid daytime telly by watching it at the pub.
I’ve been going a fair old while now. Was all aware from around 1974 and have pretty much developed a love of pork pies and beer ever since.
I do audio works like Lost Bearings, a proper comedy/drama thing, and The Bearcast which is a podcast with me and my mate Nape as hosts which is, at it’s most basic level, a couple of sentient old teddy bears tired of sitting around on shelves bringing you their mind blatherings, odd news, music, friends, enemies and plenty of booze.

‘ave a word, send us feedback and things at banter@bearcast.co.uk

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