Oct 23

Bearcast Series Four! Episode One! Listen!

We’re back! Recording in the back room of the Red Lion in Nape’s Wessex based local, series four has been brought to light courtesy of our good friend, and not an enemy with a memory problem at all, Doug the Landlord.
Thanks for letting us use the room, Doug! Most honoured. Still no idea where your DVDs are but I’m sure they’ll turn up and haven’t been destroyed in a bin fire that happened recently.

Welcome! Series Four!
More news, banter, kickin’ tunes, special guests probably, I dunno. Stuff! You know what it is and we give it to you with great pleasure, beer and cider too.

Tunes in this episode come from:
Charlie Wheeler Band – Why O’ Why
The Weekenders – Open Lands

Do some feedback, if you’d like to: banter@bearcast.co.uk

Sep 02

The Bearcast – Series 3 – Episode 5

‘ello! The Bearcast continues with this very fifth episode in the current run.
Jeb and Nape return to inform you of their mind thinkings, observations, reviews, interviews and a couple of bangin’ tunes thrown in for good measure. Eey!

Tunes in this episode come from:

The Valves – Sirens

Bob Dean – Forest of Fear

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Thanks to Jim Moon for doing his homework correctly, behold the LOL-Max&Tanya as requested in episode 4!


Thanks also to @fakeingiz who did his homework too but may not have been paying attention in class.

Still, he’s got more marks than the rest of you and will not have to endure the hells of Summer Cake Camp. So be warned, do your homework that we set you or end up in a vat of disappointment.



Jul 18

European Podcast Awards – The Bearcast

Hello, you gorgeous blimmin’ lot!

There’s a European Podcast Awards thing and we’re in it. Every vote for us means an extra biscuit a day for Mavis, a pigeon of elderly years unable to deliver messages and small packages. Her only pleasure in this world now revolves around tea and biscuits. We’ve got some tea in but we’re out of biscuits.

Thank you very much!

Also, our podcast is bloody brilliant. It’s like milkshake. On toast!