Oct 31

Where’s The Pie?


Am enjoying being back in the saddle of the recording horse, whatever that means. The Bearcast is back with a new run of seven shows of banter, music, odd news, various, misc, guests? Something like that. If you’ve listened to it before you know what it’s about. Plenty of awesome, wild speculation and a fair bit of uneducated guessing. It’s really bloody funny too!

Quick salute to those who help us out with it all. Danny, Dave, Gillian, Blane, Nick, Marty, Ian, Jim. And of course Nape, Terry, Wellington too even! Token Female, she’s all right. We’re also haunted by the spicy salsa whiff of Tequila Terry who resides somewhere nearby.

If you don’t know who any of those buggers are then you need to update your little black book of awesome people.

Look at me blathering on, I only came on here to tell you I’m having pork pie for breakfast!

oi oi!

P.S. Look at this pic! Blane did this because he is monstrously amazing!


Oct 23

Bearcast Series Four! Episode One! Listen!

We’re back! Recording in the back room of the Red Lion in Nape’s Wessex based local, series four has been brought to light courtesy of our good friend, and not an enemy with a memory problem at all, Doug the Landlord.
Thanks for letting us use the room, Doug! Most honoured. Still no idea where your DVDs are but I’m sure they’ll turn up and haven’t been destroyed in a bin fire that happened recently.

Welcome! Series Four!
More news, banter, kickin’ tunes, special guests probably, I dunno. Stuff! You know what it is and we give it to you with great pleasure, beer and cider too.

Tunes in this episode come from:
Charlie Wheeler Band – Why O’ Why
The Weekenders – Open Lands

Do some feedback, if you’d like to: banter@bearcast.co.uk

Oct 19

Series 4 – In your ears very soon!


We recorded episode 1 of the fourth series of The Bearcast all successful like but Terry hasn’t edited the bloody thing together yet despite my repeated attempts to point at the computer while watching Bergerac DVDs and eating bacon sandwiches. It got to a point when I was halfway through the Sharpe boxset that he said, “What’s wrong with your arm?” so I guess he’ll be on the case very soon. This weekend in fact! Or I’ll burn his comics.
We’ve even got a nice new website in preparation for it all. What do you think?

I’m off.