Bearcast Denied?

‘ello, you lot!


There’s trouble in the world of The Bearcast. The hosting place has decided to drop all podcasts hosted with them like a shedload of shitty bricks without any warning whatsoever. 

This almost resulted in me losing some of the shows we’ve done! But thanks to the quick thinking of Nape’s skull stuffing, and his computer having stored ’em, all the episodes are well safe. Just, sadly, not public at the moment.

Plans are being pondered though and there will be a place for ’em soon enough but in the meantime if you want to relive any of our shows then you can either wait for a bit or give me a yell, and a pint of beer, and I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime if you ever see anyone at all who has anything to do with the running of Mevio, punch them solidly right up the bracket yeah?




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