Big in London

It’s not often I go to the pub and see an old mate of mine. It is however quite often that I go to the pub.

There’s this guy I know, he’s called Mr Big (for no other reason than he’s quite small). And he drinks lager, but y’know, he’s a mate so I let it go.

Was telling him about all the audio stuff, podcasts and whatnot I’m up to these days and he just doesn’t get it. He even frowned when I took his pic!

“You gonna put that up on that internet, then? Fahkin’ ‘ell. Whassat thing, that thing, that thing, that dongle? Ha ha haaa!”

And on he went.

After half an hour I realised why it’d been so long since we last met up.

But yeah, lovely fella.


Mr H Big Esq

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