If I Had a Business Card

If I did have such a thing as a business card, what would I put on it other than my contact details?
Watching Marty ordering his last night I was surprised he didn’t add “Waster, Fat Bastard, Sheep Botherer” under his job title or profession or whatever it is he claims he does to keep me in beer.

I reckon for me I would put “Verified Awesome” as one. I dunno. I am though so at least mine would be accurate!

Going to go out to the café now. We’re out of bacon and I’m hungry. If you see an old teddy bear munching on a bacon sarnie in a café any time soon, nip in and say, “You’re awesome!”


3 thoughts on “If I Had a Business Card

  1. Ooo! I totally should have put that on my business card, now that I have a sword and everything. I’m sure just owning one automatically makes you a legendary swordslady.

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