Pub Attic Panic

I woke up in the attic of my local pub this morning. I don’t know how! I just did.
I discovered an old photograph that clearly has me on it – same shirt, buttons and Star Wars pyjama bottoms. Everything!
Now, this photo dates back to the 1800’s AND I AIN’T THAT OLD!

After stumbling down to the kitchen and helping myself to some bacon and that, I started to wonder if there was some time-traveling experiment about to go wonky somewhere.

I listened for a humming, a build up of temporal power or whatever but I couldn’t hear anything. Over the munching of my bacon sandwich.

So just in case I get lobbed through time, is there anything you’d like me to change while I’m back there?
Don’t worry about paradoxes, I shit ’em.

2 thoughts on “Pub Attic Panic

  1. I was wearing my SW jammies in the photo clearly showing I was back in time in the 1800’s… could have been a milky bar kid advert on the background I suppose… there was other round-about-then type looking people around and about also though. Puzzling.

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