Well there’s no sign of that old photograph showing me back in time. I must have gone back in time and stopped myself from going back in time before coming home and then going to the pub.
Shame. I wonder what I would’ve got up to if I hadn’t stopped myself going. How I can even remember any of this is puzzling enough but I suppose it must have been years of proximity to the tell when Star Trek was on.

What are you lot doing today? I’m going to be dressing up as a medieval bear and growling at some princesses and maidens and suchlike because it’s Medieval Day at the local! No idea what medieval bears look like. I wonder if there’s a time machine anywhere I could borrow…

Still. Plenty of ale, buxom ladieeees, sword fights, jousting probably… pie? I hope there’s pie.

The things we do to pass the time on Wednesdays when you lot are out at work! Hahaaaa!


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